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Thrifty-Sorb Clay Granular Absorbent

Thrifty-Sorb Clay Granular Absorbent

EP Minerals

Quick Overview

    EP Minerals mines and produces the two most commonly used granular absorbents for the automotive industry: Diatomaceous earth (DE) and montmorillonite clay. Today, EP Minerals' brands are highly recognized throughout the automotive industry and are distributed by many of the major automotive aftermarket retailers and distributors. The industry has trusted the performance, quality, and service of EP Minerals' products for more than 30 years.

    Thrifty-Sorb® (clay) product is used in high traffic areas requiring continuous, superior absorption and additional safety features: These larger, coarse granulars offer less breakdown and better traction in areas where spills have been absorbed.

    This product is kiln-fired (calcined) to eliminate potential product breakdown and provides versatile use for all non-aggressive fluids in the automotive industry. Suitable for both commercial and home environments, our absorbent products are manufactured from 100% natural minerals with no chemical additives, are environmentally friendly, and won't damage asphalt, cement or tile.

    *When disposing of granular absorbents, please check with your local, state, and federal environmental regulations.


    • Quickly and easily soaks up messy spills.
    • Provides more absorption for the money.
    • Cleans up spills that can cause accidents.
    • For use in work or home environments.
    • Easy to use and transport.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • 100% Natural mineral.
    • Granulation - Coarse.
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Manufacturer: EP Minerals
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